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3D Lesbian Review

Rated 5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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3D Lesbian is a Lesbian sex game that is essentially a specialized version of 3D Sex Villa 2. If you are a Lesbian, or a lover of Lesbian sex then this is worth a look.

When you start the game, you will see the login screen which requires that you enter your user name and password, in order to play the game you need to be connected to the Internet as logging in will verify your membership and download any updates.

Initially it may take a couple of minutes to load all the game options, but once the game has loaded you will get the main screen options. Even from here you get a feeling for the quality of graphics that you are going to find in the game.

From the main screen you can select a new scene which will allow you to play out various Lesbian sex stories. You get various choices of sex game style and you can enter the sex shop to buy new items. The sex shop allows you to access a multitude of sex products (or sex packs) including new people, sex toys, locations and poses to mention but a few.

The sex packs are purchased with virtual coins, gained when playing 3D Lesbian and bringing the virtual girls to orgasm. You can also get loyalty sex coins awarded to you if you remain a member.

Also from the main screen you can get statistics of your sex coin balance and you can view any Lesbian video or camera shots that you have taken whilst playing the game. There is some nicely written help available from here which explains all the options in detail.

From the first time you play the 3D Lesbian adult game it is clear that this is a well written virtual sex game with fantastic graphics. The interface is clear and easy to move around. As I was eager to check out what the hot Lesbians would do for me I selected new scene.

There are several cool choices, one of these is a fantastic tutorial, definitely worth going through in order to acquaint yourself with the gameplay. I will mention the other sex game options as I tried them all and found that they were all very entertaining.

Firstly you have a quick mode, this option does not earn you any sex coins but you are able to get straight down to the sex action and the excitement level is already up to 25%, in effect this allows you to play the game for a quickie if you need to hurry! You will be familiar with the options if you have played any other games by the same developer.

Next is free mode this works in the same way as quick mode except you can select what location you want to have sex in and the excitement level starts at zero. Sex coins can be earned using this mode so you will be able to boost your balance.

I like the story mode because playing this mode gives you the most sex coins, there are numerous stories to use in the 3D lesbian game which walk you through a huge amount of sexual fantasies and adventures. If you answer correctly you will be able to get the session going. If you answer incorrectly then you might get kicked back to the beginning of the game. Despite this, it is often easy to guess which way you should answer to really get things underway and the virtual girls hot and horny.

The great thing with the story mode is that it adds a bit of interaction and makes it just a little harder to get to the action. Once you are past the storyline, the adult sex game behaves in the same way as the other two modes. The screen also is the same on all modes once in the sex game and the interface is easy to understand.

If you want to dress or undress your players, customize their clothing, make up or body (amongst others) then just right click the particular girl which will give you a menu of options this also allows you to pick a particular camera.

Navigating the scene is a breeze, click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse for full 360 degree rotation, the scroll wheel moves the camera up and down and right click and hold whilst moving the mouse for zoom in and out, or to rotate around the scene at the current camera angle. The cursor keys can also be used to zoom in and out or move the camera up and down.

There is an excellent sex browser which allows you to select a vast array of sex positions, toys or outfits and drag your favourites into the quick bar for easy access to them later. Information appears top right of the screen if you hover over an item which is very useful to remind you what the buttons are for.

There is only one criticism I would make about the 3D Lesbian sex game and that is that the Lesbian threesome choices could be a little more extensive, including things like three way pussy licking or fingering. Most of the Lesbian threesomes involved a strap on, and whilst very erotic there does need to be a little more choice. This does not however detract from the game in anyway, and I suspect the extra threesome choices may come in the form of a sex pack update in the future.

Undress your players then use the sex browser to select the sexual position etc then you are away. Various parts of the body that are performing actions, e.g. strap on sucking or pussy licking, can have the speed changed by a slider on screen which really heats up the participants and boosts the excitement level. Double click the action control and it swaps to mouse control where you can manually adjust the speed as you go along.

It is also worth mentioning the Sequencer mode, this allows you to drag and drop poses toys, clothing for you or your partner etc onto a timeline to make a movie that you can play. This will sequence through all your chosen options and can be saved for reloading at a later date. The Sequencer is a fantastic way of setting up your perfect fantasy and then leaving you to enjoy complete “hands free” enjoyment!

The graphics are fantastic and the movement is fast and fluid, you will soon be getting your models heated up, the sound is realistic and a real turn on as the girls talk to you, phrases like “It feels so good having you licking me” and “ooh that feels so good, you make me so horny” are well timed and erotically spoken.

3D Lesbian is a top quality Lesbian sex game that will satisfy you in more ways than one! If you are a Lesbian or a lover of Lesbian games then 3D Lesbian will not disappoint!

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