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3D Slut Review

Rated 4 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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When you start the 3D Slut adult game you will see the login screen which requires that you enter your username and password, in order to play the game you need to be connected to the internet as logging in will verify your membership and download any updates.

From the login screen you can set a number of display options, one of these being full screen play which is always good as you can get right in on the action.

After logging in you will get the main screen for the 3D Slut virtual sex game. This is a simple layout which allows you to select the location where you would like to take your 3D Slut, then you can pick your slut and her active partner. On selecting OK a few updates may need to download it doesn’t take too many seconds to grab them, and then you are on your way.

After the updates the main sex gameplay area will be your selected location. You will be able to select from a number of options, all visible on the screen. The various options enable you to change the camera position, zoom, and focus i.e. vagina, anus, right breast etc. You also have some control over sound, and text. Also you can select the onscreen icon to take a photo or get help.

The help displays text labels against the icons, a downside I found here was that I could not turn all the help off in one go. Each label could only be turned off selecting the corresponding item, this is not a major problem as you don’t need the help (just hover over the icon and it will be displayed at the bottom of the screen), but it would be nice if the help were a toggle on/off option.

You are able to select the body, clothes, appearance and colour to change. Change the shades of make up and eye colours, breast size, lip size, pubic hair style and colour. Change skin colour, freckles, tattoos even tan lines; the list is endless so have some fun and shag the girl of your dreams.

Also you can choose from a number of sex toys to put in various holes (and control the speed of entry with the mouse). In addition you can select a sexual position and also change the characters or locations. All these options allow you to make the 3D Slut sex game suit your particular fantasy perfectly.

The speech and groaning can be very horny and I am sure that you will love it! Phrases like “fuck me”, “my nipples are getting hot”, ”touch my tits” are seductively spoken and when combined with the groaning will soon have you heated up!

The graphics are fantastic, and zooming right in on the action gives you some fantastic close ups that are very horny indeed. Individually, this sex game is great although a little limited in options compared to the unbelievably configurable sister sex game 3D Sex Villa 2.

The excellent thing for you though is that a membership to 3D Slut also includes the fantastic virtual sex game 3D Sex Villa 2 and 3D GoGo which is a configurable visualization for the Winamp 5.x media player (available free). In addition to this you will get access to some bonus hot ringtones and alerts. In my honest opinion all this makes a membership to the 3D Slut adult sex game extremely good value.

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3D Slut Adult Game Screenshots

Virtual sex babe gets inner thigh stroked 3d cyber babe gives head in the backyard virtual girl naked and fingered in the backyard Sex game options for babe with legs wide open
Adult sex game showing camera positions Select your 3d Slut and location 3d sex babe gives head in the alley 3d sex babe gets fingered