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3DX Chat Review

Rated 5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Games Review

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3DX Chat is the latest virtual sex game from the creators of Nemo’s Whores and Juliette Sex Session, and this time it is an award winning adult MMORPG.

I have reviewed all the adult games from Sex Game Devil over the years, and have always found that they have been well produced and fun to play. It was a while ago when I first heard they were producing an adult MMO, and what a spectacular job that they have done on it.

3DX Chat is not the first adult MMORPG, nor will it be the last as they are rapidly growing in popularity, but for the moment at least it definitely is one of the most advanced. It’s innovations include support for VStroker, the virtual sex attachment for your Fleshlight, and the Occulus Rift for those who want to be immersed even deeper into their virtual world.

If you are straight or gay the 3DX Chat adult MMORPG will allow you to meet interesting people online to socialise with, party with and have sex with all in the safe environment of an online virtual world.

You are able to set up three unique characters and they can be man or woman; this makes exploring your sexuality fun because you can be a man or woman, straight or gay depending upon how you feel on the day. This is the beauty of adult MMO games, the majority of people are looking for fun online and will never meet up with each other so it doesn’t really matter who you say you are.

If however you are planning to use it for adult social networking then be honest about who you are, or at least on the days that you plan to be yourself.

3DX Chat has outstanding graphics, possibly the best you will find in any adult MMORPG but possibly more important than this is the fact that it also has a large 3DX community and a very diverse and interesting virtual world environment to explore.

If you have never played an adult MMORPG before then they can seem a little overwhelming at first finding people to talk to, or to ask if they are interested in having sex might get you outside of your comfort zone and for that there is always Betty and Bob.

By all means explore the environment, this is an excellent way to get the best out of the game, or stand around masturbating whilst watching porn, but if you want sex and are not yet ready to ask for it, then add one of the default characters for gay, lesbian or straight sex.

Within the 3DX Chat game environment you have the ability to set up 2 user rooms. Using the home editor you can get them looking as personal as you want them. Make them yours, add, arrange and remove furniture to get them just how you like them. You could make them a cosy pad for entertaining a guest or a raucous party room for group sex and parties. Once you are set then you can open them up to whoever you want to.

Withing the 3DX Chat adult MMO there already exists a bunch of pre-defined locations which include Love Island, the yacht, the Sin Club, the Night Club or the Beach. I expect that many more will come along with time too. In addition to all this, there are the user rooms to visit to socialise with other people.

It is always good to remember that as this is an adult MMORPG you will be socialising with real people for most of the time, so always show respect, good manners cost nothing but will go a long way when you are hoping to find people to spend time with and have online sex with.

It is safe to assume that not everybody is looking for sex all of the time so just mingle, chat, relax and see where it all goes. I was looking for sex in order to review the game on that level but also found some friendly and interesting people to chat with along the way.

3DX Chat is not just a sex game, it is a complete adult social environment where you can form relationships both sexual ones and otherwise. It also allows you to have experiences of things you either couldn’t or wouldn’t do in the real world such as exploring other sexualities. 3DX Chat is fabulous value for money and one Adult MMO that you will want to check out for yourself.

When you play 3DX Chat you are take to some amazing virtual world environments where thanks to the quality of graphics and range of positions you will be able to have some of the best 3D virtual sex available in any Adult MMO.

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Getting a blowjob whilst watching porn in 3DX Chat 3DX Chat character selection screen Chilling out watching porn in the 3DX Chat adult MMO 3DX Chat naked character customisation
3DX Chat character customisation Having sex doggy style on the sofa 3DX Chat Love Island Having a 69 with a 3DX Chat naked member
3DX Chat Nightclub 3DX Chat the Beach 3DX Chat Sin Club Having sex with a 3DX Chat naked member
3DX Chat User Room 3DX Chat the Yacht 3DX Chat Voyeur watching sex Having sex with Betty whilst watching porn