Adult Game Definitions

At Adult Sex Game Reviews there are 8 category definitions as to the type of adult game review and the game itself. There are also links to other adult sites that we feel may be of interest to you. Below you will find a brief description of the type of adult game that fits the category and a couple of examples of our favourite adult game in each.

3D Sex Games

3D sex games (or 3D adult games) are games that usually simulate sex between one or more partners in straight, bisexual or gay scenarios, they allow you to control the action to fit in with your own particular sexual fantasies (obviously there will be limits). They usually allow you to move around the whole scene controlling the camera angles and zoom right in on the action. Our favourite examples of 3D adult games would include Cherry Dolls and 3D Girlz, check the menu for our full list of 3D sex games.

Lesbian & Gay Games

The lesbian and gay games section needs no real definition, it may contain 3D gay games, virtual gay sex games, gay hentai games or boy love games, also other type of gay game or lesbian game that focuses on pleasing gay males, lesbian females, bisexual or bi curious individuals. This is quite a popular area of interest and even if you would not normally consider yourself to be gay or lesbian you may still find these stimulating. Our favourite examples of gay and lesbian adult games are the 3D sex games 3D Lesbian and 3D Gay Villa 2. Two other amazing games aimed at gays or lesbians are VirtuaGuy HD and DeskBabes. Full details for gay and lesbian games will be found in the menu.

Fetish Games

There are a number of sex games aimed at those with a particular fetish, this is a growing area so bookmark the website and keep visiting mainly at the moment these will be 3D fetish games but there are also a host of great fetish or alternative sex sites around. There are a couple of great fetish games around at the moment Fetish 3D and 3D Kink. Also, if you like fetish movies you should visit Kink who cover a huge amount of fetish variations.

Virtual Sex Games

Virtual sex games on our site loosely covers adult games that incorporate sex with real people but where it is done from your perspective so it looks as if you are actually having the sex (POV Games). These can be extremely erotic and some will give you a hard dick in an instant. Some of these incorporate artificial intelligence to give you a truly interactive virtual sex experience. The absolute best of these virtual sex games in my opinion is VirtualFem, but check out the rest of the virtual sex games we have reviewed.

virtual stripper games

There are several different virtual stripper games these are either 3D virtual strippers dancing for you in a virtual strip club or real hot girls (or guys) stripping just for you right there on your desktop. My particular favourite virtual strip games are VirtuaGirl and Strip Kittens.

Hentai Games

The hentai game section also incorporates adult comics as well. Hentai covers all variations of hentai games that we have reviewed, including traditional japanese bishoujo games. If you are looking for gay hentai games or BL games then you will find them in the gay & lesbian game section. A couple of my favourite hentai games are 3D Hentai 2 and The Sagara Family.

Other Adult Games

The other adult games section is basically a holding ground for a great collection of sex games including adult card games, sex party games and some adult shoot'em up style arcade games. A few of my favourite games from this section include the adult game (in disguise as a family game) Grab a Pig, the sex party game Sexy Dreams and the adult chess game Love Chess Salvage.

Free Adult Games

The free adult games section is where you will find free playable demos, free sex games, free adult flash games, free adult mini games and more The Bonetown Satan v Jesus adult mini game is an example of one of the free games.