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BoneCraft Review

Rated 5+ out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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Once again I find myself non-stop gaming for two days to bring you the BoneCraft review because its so goddamned addictive! This uncontrollable force that urged me to complete the second of the D-Dub adult games (and this was only in easy mode) has forced me to yet again rate this higher than all other adult games with the exception of BoneTown!

Well OK, you have seen it before with the world's first and best adult video game BoneTown, and now you get to experience sex, violence, adult humour, politically incorrect jokes and all the other things that we are taught are morally wrong again excellent!! All this comes wrapped up in the outstanding new game BoneCraft.

When you write a five star plus adult game like BoneTown following it up with a different game is always going to be a challenge, but D-Dub have met the challenge with Elven pussy lips flapping and big guns blazing. Everything you liked about BoneTown is here but this time it's quite literally out of this world.

From the opening credits BoneCraft seems like a big screen cinematic experience from it's rolling credits and quality Graphics it wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood well if Hollywood designed adult computer games that rock!

Before you get to play anything, the first time you launch BoneCraft you will be able to fool around with the playable tutorial, this is a great way to learn the ropes, then it will lead you on to the start of the game with the Space Marines crashing their spaceship.

There are 11 missions to perform and each one has three difficulty levels so you can play on easy, normal or hard depending on how quick you want to get to the Elven pussy. You can visit the sex store from the main mission screen which enables you to have sex with any of the chicks you have unlocked (initially just the ships sexbot) you can also buy new sex positions.

Once you are satisfied close the sex store window, Select your difficulty level and buy weapons or upgrades then launch the mission. Each mission varies but there are some great things to get. You can collect ammo, jet fuel, cash and repair your health all from collecting the stuff that appears when you kill things and beat the fuck out them.

Each mission is initially indicated by your sexbot but you can replay existing positions which will rely on you finding an orange console for that mission. Like BoneTown you can play in free roam mode which is a great way to vent your anger by beating up on Orcs, Elves, Dark Elves, Dick Monsters, and anybody else you want to beat up on. It also allows you to build up your ammo and jet fuel supply and get cash.

In free roam, go back to any missions console and hit enter to start the mission, this will allow you to save the game and buy weapons upgrades etc. Once you have bought the maximum upgrade you will be able to collect unlimited ammo and jet fuel. You can then simply close the window to go back to free roam. There is also some cool shit to collect whilst roaming including spinning Alien artifacts (they look like American footballs).

By completing each mission you will be able to move on through to the next level and there is a great scene at the end and beginning of each for you to watch that is jam packed full of warped humour (just as I love it).

D-Dub have ensured that the BoneCraft sex game has had the same emphasis placed on absorbing gameplay, political incorrectness, unadulterated sex and the wicked adult humour that makes BoneTown so popular. It has definite replay value as you try to find missing items, bone more chicks, build up your cash reserves and try different difficulty levels.

BoneCraft absolutely rocks on every level and it is undoubtedly the must have adult game of 2012! If you haven't got it yet ... what are you doing!

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BoneCraft Adult Video Game Screenshots

Blow your load on your sex bot Boning an Elven chick Blow your load on an Elf chick Lesbian orgy in the Elven brothel
Lesbian orgy in the Elven brothel Elf babes playing with eachother in the brothel Two elf babes pleasure you Fucking hot Elf
Being fucked by beautiful Elf you unlock new fuck partner in sex store Big titted Elven chick close up Hot elven babe rides you in the middle of a battle
The Elf Queen makes an appearance The Elf Queen talks to you The Elf Queen makes a deal You Fuck the Elven queen
One of the cool loading screens when chapters are loading One of the cool loading screens when chapters are loading You bone an ugly orc chick One of the Orc warriors
Fat ugly big titted Orc wench One of your sex robots You have sex with one of your sexbots You have tranny sex in the brothel