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Cherry Dolls Review

Rated 5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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Cherry Dolls is one of those adult game that you know right from start up it is going to be a quality sex game. The graphics are superb right from the opening screen. When I review any adult game I like to cover most things from gameplay to sound effects and graphics and Cherry Dolls ticks all the boxes.

Cherry Dolls interface is simplicity itself, not too many settings to consider and the options are clear. You can choose between three fabulously pretty and sexy virtual girls and have sex with them in three different locations in six different positions, these include blowjob, doggy, cowgirl, 69, standing doggy and body guard. You also choose how you want you virtual guy, white, black or latin, depending on what you want at the time.

Select a girl, select a location then click start, the game will load your chosen girl and location and the wonderfully serene background noises will be playing. The screen is uncluttered and if you need help on available options just press F1 for help.

Just click the positions button and select the position that you wish to have sex in. The screen will load and whilst it is loading you will be given a useful fact about your chosen girl. When the screen loads, you have the ability to move a slider to speed up or slow down the sex, or you can rest which will pause the action.

There are two bars, pink and blue, they gradually fill up and when full the virtual person will orgasm, pink for female, blue for male. For the virtual guy, you will be able to choose to cum on the girls face or breasts or just cum inside her. The virtual sex sound effects are extremely erotic as are the movements of the virtual couple.

Navigating the screen is a breeze, one of the easiest I have seen of any of the adult games I have reviewed. Click and hold the left button whilst moving the mouse to move the camera left, right, up and down. Click and hold the right button whilst moving the mouse to rotate in a full 360 degrees, and use the W key to zoom in on the action, the S key to zoom out or the A and D keys to go left and right. Movement is sleek and it is easy to move around your virtual environment.

The graphics are incredible, smooth and realistic giving excellent animation that reeks of quality. The virtual sex will certainly break you out in a sweat, and you will find yourself wishing that you were there instead of her virtual male partner.

You can use the F11 key to take a photo, and there is a really nice touch which is very unique, hit the DEL key and this will instantly quit the adult game, a great touch if you share a house with people who you donít want to see you playing the game. To quit the current girl and go back to choose a new girl or location just hit the ESC key.

Cherry Dolls is a fabulous adult game, the stunning graphics, simplistic interface and erotic sound effects make this one adult game you wonít want to miss.

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Cherrydoll Bobbi gives a blowjob that's out of this world CherryDoll Bobbi has hot sex doggy style CherryDoll Gretchen has an amazing 69 CherryDoll Kate gives an amazing handjob in the forest