Grand Cutie 3D rated as 4 stars Grand Cutie 3D rated as 4 stars Grand Cutie 3D rated as 4 stars Grand Cutie 3D rated as 4 stars Grand Cutie 3D rated as 4 stars

Grand Cutie Anal 3D Review

Rated 4 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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Grand Cutie Anal 3D is a renamed version of the earlier Cutie 3D sex game which is a sort of collaboration between Pink Tropics and BoneTown, it promises the excitement of an adventure game and eroticism of a 3D sex game but it doesnít quite deliver on either.

Grand Cutie Anal 3D has been much improved by ditching the fairly flaky web viewer that it was using when it was Cutie 3D as this was very temperamental. It now is available as an EXE download to play on your PC although obviously it still connects to the internet to check your login details.

A save option has been added which is a big benefit as this was a huge omission last time around, to get to the save you have to click the on screen "edit Avatar" button. At least this means that you don't have to play the game from scratch every time you play.

The other problem is that whilst Grand Cutie Anal 3D is fairly easy to get to grips with there is no real help file that lays it all down although you can ask Jimmy Velvet a few questions which does cover much of it.

The general idea is that like the BoneTown adult game you wander round a down town environment and have to perform quests, here the gameplay similarities end though. I do like the idea of quests but there is nothing really exciting that you can do here as a distraction. You basically have to walk around and find stuff but thatís it, at least until you have succeeded in enough quests to have sex.

Once you have succeeded in performing the tasks you will be taken back to a room for a good rogering, but if you donít have enough cash or mojo, or you donít know what you should be doing then you will leave unfulfilled and be laughed at.

The room for sex is the standard sort of room that you will be used to from many of the adult games from Somavision. The biggest problem here is that the on screen navigation control and the leave room button are almost centre of the screen so they get in the way of the sex action which can be a little annoying, these should be tucked out of the way in an unused corner. A nice touch would be a toggle to hide the clutter on screen and a view option so that you can continue having sex without it affecting your mojo.

To help you out I will give you a brief overview of how it all works, the cursor keys or w,a,s,d (and cursor keys) keys allow you to change direction. To talk to people just walk close to them and when the ground turns blue left click the mouse. The little help boxes that are shown when talking to people are self explanatory and will offer the quests. A circle on the screen shows items that are in your vicinity, a dollar sign is the location of money, an exclamation mark is the location of strangers and a blue dot is the location of quest items.

A little hint here is that if you press the "I" key it will show you the quests you currently have underway and the items you have (pressing it again will clear it). Check it out, if you have an item that one of the girls wants, drag it and drop it onto the screen, then click on it and it will be counted towards your quest.

There is a pause menu which is accessed by pressing the "Esc" key which will offer the option to quit the game, return to the main menu or change the graphics settings, pressing the key again will clear the menu. The graphics are good (the environment more so than the main game characters) but by todayís standards they are not outstanding and I think to compete with this style of game there needs to be more to offer.

I think that Grand Cutie Anal 3D is a good idea for a sex game, it has some nice features and a lot of potential, but feel that it lacks a little panache and needs a bit of work as there is some stiff competition now in the 3D adult game world. It has been improved but still has a way to go in my opinion to compete with some of the adult video games that exist today. I am sure that it will improve as the developer is innovative and well established.

If you like this style of graphics but want the sex to be more easily attainable then go for Pink Tropics or Gay Tropics. However if you can live with the shortcomings then give Grand Cutie Anal 3D a try, you may find that you like it.

If you want more excitement in an adult video game then BoneTown is still our favourite adult game and is very hard to beat, also the new sci-fi game by the creators of BoneTown, BoneCraft.

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Adult game character has anal sex You found the beer Can you see the Gin Adult game character has a blowjob
Babe rides your cock cowgirl style Doing it cowgirl style in the restroom Doing it doggy style in the bedroom Jimmy Velvet will explain the rules
Fucking in the missionary position Looking at each other naked in the restroom Hot 3D babe rides your hard cock Hot 3D babe rides your hard dick in the bedroom
Part of the town of San Fernando Julie makes you perform missions for her One of the squash courts in San Fernando You go collecting the whiskey