Ethan's New Client Rated as 5 stars Ethan's New Client Rated as 5 stars Ethan's New Client Rated as 5 stars Ethan's New Client Rated as 5 stars Ethan's New Client Rated as 5 stars

Ethan's New Client Review (Pocket Date Boy 7th Edition)

Rated 5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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I have reviewed all of the PocketDate Boy gay games since they started a couple of years ago and they have got increasingly better with each edition. Ethanís New Client is a follow on from the original game ďPersonal Trainer EthanĒ, but offers far more than the first edition ever did.

Now at edition 7 Ethanís New Client is a premium PocketDate Boy game and so as such offers more play value and interactivity than the standard editions of their gay adult games. Ethanís New Client can only be downloaded from the PocketDate Boy Starter which is available for free from the link at the bottom of this page.

It is Ethanís job to introduce you to the gym and to try to put you through your paces in order to become fitter, but no matter how he turns you on or even gets turned on by you, youíll get nowhere if you canít keep up with him.

Hereís how it works, after a bit of a chat (on both the first and second base), he will show you exercise routines. After he has shown them to you it will be your task to repeat them, making sure that you do them all in the correct order. There are several routines and they get progressively harder and faster, starting off with just three exercises and ending up with eight. Both your answers to his questions and your ability to complete the exercises in the correct order are important because if you donít get enough points then you wonít get him into the sauna or the shower alone at third base.

Once you do get to third base, you get some nice touches, and if you get there with the maximum available points then you will unlock three different locations, each with three hardcore sex scenes and their own orgasm scene. With each scene you are able to control the speed of the sex, and for those who want to get closer you can zoom in on the action.

Ethanís New Client also has a comprehensive game guide which takes you through all aspects of the game and in addition offers some different cheat codes, one of which allows you to unlock all the bases if you were unable to do it by yourself.

Ethanís New Client is an amazing gay adult game, the outstanding graphics, buff bodies, absorbing gameplay and large number of different gay sex scenes all go to make this a game that offers great value for money.

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Ethan's New Client Gay Adult Game Screenshots

Ethan shows you an exercise routine Starting at first base with Ethan Ethan undresses in the locker room Ethan gets a blowjob in the locker room
You finish Ethan off by hand Ethan sucks you off and fingers your ass Ethan and you 69 in the sauna Ethan and you 69 in the sauna (zoomed in)
Ethan does you missionary style in the sauna You fuck Ethan doggy style in the shower You fuck Ethan standing doggy style in the shower Ethan rides your hard cock