Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars

Girlfriends 4 Ever Review

Rated 5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Games Review

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Girlfriends 4 Ever is not the sort of 3D virtual sex game that you might be used to but it does contain interactivity and choice. Essentially it allows you to view 3D video scenes, but the quality and eroticism is so outstanding that you will want to try it anyway.

There is no need to set up anything or perform any tasks, it really does get straight to the transsexual sex, and Sayako has the biggest cock ever and a mighty fine pair of tits to go with it. If this does it for you then continue to read below.

The graphics are absolutely awesome, and when running full screen they will blow you away. The story follows an incredibly hot babe called Tara who using her powers of persuasion manages to convince her Transsexual friend Sayako to have sex with her. It is Taraís dream to have sex with another girl as she never has done this before.

As the screen rolls out it looks like you are going to see a Hollywood production and as the story unfolds you will be in for a treat. Girlfriends 4 Ever contain possible the best 3DX animations that I have seen to date, and I have seen some pretty cool stuff, but be warned, they are extreme hardcore so if you are looking for tame then this will not be for you.

The sex is amazing, and the characters look so real, well apart from the fact that Sayako would not have enough blood to support such a huge dick. Despite the obvious fact that it is an animation, there is a level of realism to the video that you wonít believe.

Select your favourite scenes from the menu, or watch the story from start to finish, the choice is yours. There is also some pretty cool stuff which you will also find on the menu so take a look around.

The Girlfriends 4 Ever scene menu is pretty cool too as you can select the scenes you like best and play them in the order you want to watch them. There are also a dozen or so more short scenes in the fun stuff option from the menu.

Girlfriends 4 Ever includes a movie player that lets you arrange any of the scenes into the order you want to see them. You can then play the whole 3DX movie that you created from start to finish just as you wanted to see it.

If you want the ultimate experience then you can get a VStroker enabled version of Girlfriends 4 Ever from the VStroker store. You can also buy a VStroker or a VStroker and Fleshlight kit from the store if you donít already own one.

If you love quality 3DX, then youíll love Girlfriends 4 Ever because it is about as good as it gets. In their store they also have tons of top quality 3DX stills available so visit the site and see whatís on offer.

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