Girlvania rated as 4.5 stars Girlvania rated as 4.5 stars Girlvania rated as 4.5 stars Girlvania rated as 4.5 stars Girlvania rated as 4.5 stars

Girlvania Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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You will no doubt have heard of Active Dolls, well, Girlvania is a girl on girl sex sim game that comes from the same creator. There are not many Lesbian virtual sex games, so it is nice that Girlvania has been created to add a new one to the mix.

Girlvani Summer Lust is the actual name for the game and it is simply about all girl virtual sex, pretty awesome right! Itís closest to the 3D Lesbian game from the point of view of style, but it is pretty unique in many ways and if you like all girl action then you are almost definitely going to enjoy it.

One cool thing is that it is a one off purchase. You can download Girlvania happy in the knowledge that it will work on your PC without having to be connected to the internet and without having to be a member. Obviously check your PC against the spec on the site, but it even supports the older computers.

When you start playing Girlvania it is best to complete the education sections for each of the girls (there are four different ones). It is not essential to do it all in one go, but it does allow you to move from solo action to duo and threesome action. It also gives you loads of extra things, locations (three in total), clothing and other customisations, sex positions and more.

Until you have completed the education, a button will remain on the screen but even after that is gone you can always replay the education sections to beat your previous times if you wish by getting the girls to orgasm faster.

The locations are Rooftop, Beach house and Basement, each has its benefits, so you will just have to opt for the one that you like the best. You have control of the lighting so you can pick what time of day you want to be having sex in, dawn, day time, sunset etc. You can also play around with the colour filters, sepia, black and white, postcard or no filter (normal).

The Girlvania screen is very uncluttered and the options are easily accessible from the mouse. Click on the girl to remove or add clothes, replay education or to even select a different one in her place. You can also select a POV view of the scene from the girlís perspective.

There are some nice features, of which some are unique and some not. You can take photos from a simple click of the mouse. The centre button activates the camera, the left takes the photo and a double click on the right switches between landscape and portrait.

One of the unique features in Girlvania which is pretty cool is the multi-screen view. I havenít noticed this in any other adult game that I have reviewed. Basically you can have up to four different views of the same action, Ass view, pussy, tits and birds eye perhaps, the choice is yours. You set each scene as you want it and then a simple click brings the main focus to that scene.

You can use a variety of sex toys on the girls whilst they are having sex or when they are solo. You can always fill each hole with a different one. You get a pair of virtual hands too so that you can play with her tits.

A really nice feature is the Auto, this lets the girls just get on with it whilst you watch, leaving your hands free for whatever purpose you want!

The sounds in Girlvania are fairly erotic although just occasionally a little clinical. The graphics are excellent though and did not really suffer from any collision damage whilst I was playing the game.

The beauty of Girlvania is the simplicity, if you like virtual sex games to consist of pretty 3D girls having sex with each other or themselves, then you are going to love Girlvania.

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Face sitting in Girlvania Multi-screen view in Girlvania Overcast day, uncluttered screen in Girlvania Girlvania customisation screen