Reviewing Adult Games

Every adult game review site will probably have a different method or scoring system as to how they review the adult games. The process I use is straight forward and allows me to review adult games, sex games, virtual sex games, hentai games and 3d adult games etc based on a number of key points.

Before I play any of the adult games that I review I assume them all to be a top scoring game, so my initial score before playing will be 5 stars, next I begin playing the game and how it fares against my key points will determine the final star rating for the game.

I think it is fair to say that the quality of sex games now is so much better that it is rare that they drop below 3.5 or 4 stars. The rating is there along with the review to help make your decision about which adult games to buy an easier one.

The main categories that I consider when reviewing adult games are outlined below:

Personal Taste
Personal taste will always enter into any adult game review, as with life something that one person will love another may hate, whether that be a virtual sex game, an adult movie, a book or anything else. I never let my personal taste affect the rating of a game if it deserves higher.

Ease Of Use
I am very much a hands on guy, I like to get down and dirty before considering reading help files or manuals so ease of use is quite important, the more intuitive it is for adult gamers to use, the better it is.

Quality Of Graphics
The quality of graphics in any adult game is a key factor. If you are in a virtual sex environment, in order for it to turn you on fully you want the virtual girls and virtual guys to look as close to real as possible. Movement should be smooth and the ability to zoom in close without deterioration is a key factor.

If you are spending your money either on a sex game or adult game membership package you want the features to be rich. The more you can do or control yourself such as character customisations or in the virtual sex games, options including speech, choice of partners etc, the more likely you are to feel that you have got value for money.

Quality Of Sound
Possibly not quite as important as the quality of graphics (depends on your preference) but in any adult game you really should feel that you are there, participating in the sex. Truly great sex sims will allow you to use your imagination to the full and if the sex sounds and environmental sounds such as birds in the forest or the sound of the sea etc if on a beach really add to the realism.

Playability for any game, not just adult games is an important feature in deciding value for money. If a game is fantastic and it draws you in so that you either want to come back and play it often or it is so addictive that you struggle to put it down then you are going to feel that it is money well spent.

Comparison To Competitors
This again has to play it's part, not only in producing an adult game review, but also in your buying decisions. It is easier if there are no competitors because any sex game can be taken completely on it's own merits. If it has competitors then this will be a contributory factor before you spend your hard earned cash, because no matter how good a game is, if it is more expensive than, or not as good as it's competitors it could sway your decision.

I wanted to explain the process to you so that you could see I do actually play all of the adult games and virtual sex games that I review, I do not just pluck a figure from the air. With that in mind, below are my top 5 favourite adult games, why not take a look.

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DeskBabes Virtual Stripper Game
3D Hentai 2 adult hentai game

The games reviewed at Adult Sex Game Reviews generally fall into 6 categories these are 3D sex games, lesbian & gay games, fetish games, virtual sex games, virtual stripper games, hentai and comic and a miscellaneous selection of other adult games. to find out more about the various adult game categories visit our adult game definitions page