The Sagara Family rated as 4.5 stars The Sagara Family rated as 4.5 stars The Sagara Family rated as 4.5 stars The Sagara Family rated as 4.5 stars The Sagara Family rated as 4.5 stars

The Sagara Family Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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If you have never played a traditional Japanese adult hentai game then this will require a bit of an adjustment in your thinking over your traditional 3D adult sex game or virtual sex game, but stick with it because they are fun to play, amusing and surprisingly sexy. Bishoujo games, or dating sims as this type is also called are very in depth and absorbing.

When you start the Sagara Family hentai sex game for the first time you will need to register with Virtual Mate. Thereafter you will need to be connected to the internet in order that the registration details can be checked, but once the main menu comes up then you can disconnect.

From the main screen of the Sagara Family adult hentai game you get five options, New game and Quit need no explanation, Continue allows you to start the game from a point that you have saved previously, Extra offers you the ability to enjoy CGs, erotic scenes and music from the game (CGs are only added after you clear the game, so get to it). Option displays the options screen.

It is worth taking a look at the Extras and then clicking on “Scene Recollections” you will not be able to access them initially but it shows you just how involved the story can be. Once you have accessed an erotic scene in the game you will be able to come back and replay any of the open scenes.

Options gives you a number of graphics and sound choices plus allows you to exit the game, set the game to full screen mode, return to the opening menu, or get help. The help is worth reading as it covers everything you need to know about the game.

Whist playing the game you can access a command menu, from here you can Load or Save a game set the story to Auto which will display the text without the need for you to click, Skip which is in effect a fast forward (clicking on the screen stops the skip), Backlog which steps the dialog back one, and Options (as above). The keyboard can be used too, but this is all detailed in the help.

The Sagara Family is a command selection adventure game (similar in operation to the old text adventures). This game has a multi-ending system, this means that the choices you make when a command selection is displayed will determine how the story unfolds. This means that the game has a vast amount of different twists, turns and endings.

Getting your head around this adult game style isn’t difficult, it’s just different. The story is very entertaining and the graphics are very good, the erotic sex scenes are surprisingly arousing, you will not get bored waiting for the choices!

At any time whilst playing the adult hentai game you can switch to full screen which is well worth doing, also you can right click the screen to clear the text and menus so you just see the picture.

The Sagara family consists of four beautiful daughters and one very sexy mother. Yusuke, the main character of the game and male, goes to board with them whilst he attends college.

Yusuke is absolutely ecstatic to be surrounded by beautiful women, but he may have a hard time getting along with them, each of the characters is very unique and they aren't used to having a man around, and many unexpected events occur. Mostly the characters enjoy the excitement but sometimes, the events are pretty hard to cope with.

The Sagara Family hentai sex game story unfolds with background music that changes depending upon the mood of the scene, the music is well suited to the scene but does seem a little repetitive on occasion. The characters talk in Japanese and the voices are quite appealing, all dialogue is in English. The sound effects overall in any of the sex scenes throughout this adult hentai sex game are quite erotic.

You play the part of Yusuke, and as you progress through the game the personalities of each of the characters becomes very apparent, you start to feel as if you know them. The ages of the girls range from 18 year old Ruruka to 22 year old Arisa with Erisu and Sanae being 19 and 20 respectively; Maria, their extremely hot mother is 38, Milf or what!

If you have never played a Japanese hentai sex game or before then search the internet for a walkthrough to help you out, for example search for “Sagara Family walkthrough”. If not just take a chance and see what happens. I searched for a walkthrough and followed the advice for to get a good ending for Ruruka.

The game took me several hours from start to finish, possibly due to my newbie h-gamer status, but based on the possible variations and outcomes of The Sagara Family bishoujo game this would indicate that the repeat playability of the game is extremely good.

As the gameplays out and the story unfolds you find yourself getting engrossed in the storyline, it is like reading an adult comic and playing an adult game at the same time. The story unfolds with different threads and emotions, humour, excitement, sympathy, arousal and many more.

The scene changes as the story unfolds and the graphics are very good. In places throughout the Sagara Family hentai sex game there are animated sex scenes which are even more of a turn on.

Finally the story will reach its climax and depending on how you made your choices the ending for specific girls will be good or bad. A good finish to the game however is extremely arousing, not just due to the images, but largely due also to the accompanying dialogue.

Due to the amazing amount of variations the Sagara Family bishoujo game represents fantastic value for money, it is an absorbing game which is as interesting as it is sexually stimulating. Whether you are a hentai fan, or new to hentai sex games I am sure that you will love it.

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