VirtuaGirl HD rated ss 5 stars VirtuaGirl HD rated ss 5 stars VirtuaGirl HD rated ss 5 stars VirtuaGirl HD rated ss 5 stars VirtuaGirl HD rated ss 5 stars

VirtuaGirl HD Review

Rated 5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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WOW! When you sign up to VirtuaGirl HD I promise you won’t be disappointed. The first thing that is different about this adult strip game is that it is free, yes you heard right, free!

I knew about this adult sex game because I had looked at VirtuaGirl in 1998 when it first came out, back then you had a tiny little stripper gyrating her stuff for you on your desktop, how things change!

The VirtuaGirl virtual stripper game has now evolved to include “HD”, so now you have a high definition sizzling stripper right there in front of you, teasing you whilst you work. Make no mistake these girls are hot and will have your blood pressure raising!

All you need to do to get started is download the free VirtuaGirl HD desktop stripper software and then register your account, once you have done this you will get unlimited free updates daily. You basically get a non nude trial of a random girl every day, all for free so you can see if you like the look of her.

If you decide you want to see her full nude show you can buy it, this will bring your desired girl to your desktop stripping and touching herself just for you, she does pole dancing, strips on your taskbar, and teases you for a full show which can last anywhere from 20 minutes to around 40 depending on the girl and can be quite explicit.

A great thing about the VirtuaGirl HD site is that you can browse all the girls and click on any you like to see some non nude photos and her profile, age size nationality etc.

I wanted to get some shows so I bought some tickets, the tickets cost around two dollars (or two euros) each but if you pay 50 you can get them for a dollar, there are also membership options which can work out cheaper so check them out. When you download your strip show from your sexy virtual stripper you also gain access to her bonus photo set. The photo set is fantastic quality and high resolution so you could even use your bonus photos to set up a sexy screensaver of the hottest girls in your collection.

Everything can be controlled from the VirtuaGirl HD virtual stripper sex game control panel which resides in your system tray and is accessed by right clicking. I got the options screen up and selected a girl to strip for me and asked her to “perform now” by clicking the button, and she did!

We are talking a quality strip show here, the sort of thing you would have to pay a lot of money for in a strip bar. You can get her to do it for nothing more than the cost of one or two tickets and save heaps on the cost of the drinks!

Another great thing about VirtuaGirl HD stripper game is that as she is dancing away on your desktop shaking her booty for you all you have to do is left click on the icon in the system tray and she will leave the screen instantly, ideal if you want to be discrete about your show. Click again and you will get her back.

You can also set the options to require a password before she strips for you, you can alter her size and transparency, the type of shows you want to see and much more all from the options screen. I added some MP3s so she would dance to music for me.

Once your virtual stripper is performing your personal strip show you can left click on her to make her small or big, and right click for further options, this truly is an interactive virtual stripper game.

There are so many girls to choose from you won’t know which to buy first. The quality of the strip show is superb and the high definition girls are a real pleasure to watch. This is a polished virtual stripper game that reeks of quality which is why I am sure you will love it!

If you want sexy naked girls stripping and touching themselves just for you at any time of the night or day then look no further than VirtuaGirl HD, you will get the sexiest women and the hottest shows all for less than the cost of a beer.

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