VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars

VStroker Games Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Games Review

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VStroker games come in a variety of styles including interactive porn, mainstream adult games and virtual sex games and 3DX games written specifically for the VStroker by some of your favourite sex game developers.

With the growing popularity of adult games and MMOVSG (massively multiplayer online virtual sex games, also known as adult MMORPG ) and the latest innovations in virtual sex, it is no wonder that the VStroker is being hailed as one of the most advanced virtual sex systems around.

Not all adult games are VStroker enabled, but a growing number are; with further innovations including the Occulus Rift virtual reality headset coming along many more games will be enhanced to benefit from the new technology.

Read our VStroker review for full details of the device, but in effect, it replaces the end cap of your standard Fleshlight (the most popular male sex toy worldwide) and then allows you to control the sex action in any VStroker enabled games. It doesnít matter whether it is straight sex, anal sex or oral sex, with your VStroker on your Fleshlight and your cock inside, the speed of the sex is controlled by the speed of your masturbation.

Currently VStroker enabled games include some of the top rated interactive virtual sex games such as the incredible 3DX Chat MMOVSG and the up and coming Chathouse 3D MMOVSG. VStroker enabled single player virtual sex games include popular titles such as 3D Sex Villa 2, 3D Gay Villa 2, Hentai 3D and BoneCraft.

VStroker is very reasonably priced too, you can buy a VStroker and Fleshlight package for around $100 from either the VStroker website or Fleshlight website. From VStroker youíll get 14 days free membership to their members area where you will be able to get immersed in a huge variety of interactive virtual porn and 3D virtual sex games such as 3D Katie and 3D Nicole.

3D Katie and 3D Nicole have amazing graphics and have been designed by the creators of the BoneTown and BoneCraft adult games. Now you can have anal sex, oral sex or straight sex with your chosen 3D girl thanks to the VStroker and Fleshlight.

The VStroker membership packages are a very good price for the content that you get access to. New content is added on a monthly basis with both interactive porn and 3DX games being added.

Most of the content in the members area is also available to buy outright from the VStroker store, so if you like certain titles but donít want to remain a member then you can buy them to use whenever you feel the urge. In addition the VStroker store holds titles that arenít in the members area such as a VStroker enabled version of the popular transsexual virtual sex game Girlfriends4Ever.

VStroker games come in two basic styles. Firstly you have the original style where masturbating with your VStroker enhanced Fleshlight enables you to control the speed of penetration. Secondly you have the new Hero 2 VStroker game, this is a newer version of Hero and turns your masturbation into a game.

With VStroker Hero 2 you will be told what speed to masturbate at, slow, fast or any speed. You can skip to the next scene if you want, but the idea is to keep your speed right in order to get you right through the game to the cum shots section. If you are controlled, you will make it, but with the Fleshlight sitting on your cock like a tight silky pussy it is entirely possible that youíll blow your load before the end.

VStroker games are well worth playing, so if you havenít tried them yet, bite the bullet and select a Fleshlight package from the VStroker store then let the fun begin.

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3D Nicole playing with her pussy in VStroker Hero VStroker 3D Nicole ready for your dick VStroker 3D Nicole riding your cock VStroker 3D Nicole riding your cock reverse cowgirl
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