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VStroker Review

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VStroker is a fabulous little piece of tech that is an advanced virtual sex system which has been designed to fit on a standard Fleshlight (the Flight needs a special adapter) exceptions to this are the Blade, Sword and the Sex in a Can. Its purpose to immerse you into any VStroker enabled adult game or adult MMORPG to allow you to experience sex with the 3D models.

It is not just 3DX games and virtual sex games that are VStroker enabled, indeed there are also a huge and growing number of porn games that are also able to work with the VStroker, making it seem even more real as you will be fucking porn stars!

If there is a hole then the games can be written to work with your VStroker and Fleshlight; straight, anal and oral sex is all good and soon you will be controlling the speed of the dick onscreen by using just the combination of your VStroker, your Fleshlight and your dick. The faster you masturbate with your Fleshlight, the faster it will move the on screen cock; need to slow things down then just slow down the wanking.

If you love interactive virtual sex and you havenít got a VStroker and Fleshlight then youíre missing out on a whole new level of interactivity. The price is amazing for this simple yet effective technology you could kit yourself out for less than a good night out.

There are various ways of buying a VStroker, but the best way is to buy a kit (unless you already own a Fleshlight). In the kit I got there was a standard Fleshlight Vortex, the VStroker, some water based lube (but youíll need to buy more), some VStroker enabled content, 3D glasses for the 3D content and 14 days trial of the VStroker members area.

There are two parts to the VStroker, firstly there is the unit itself which replaces the Fleshlight end cap, then the wireless receiver which plugs into a spare USB slot.

There are a growing number of VStroker enabled games; these include 3D Sex Villa 2, and 3DX Chat to mention but a few. In the members only area on the VStroker website you get dozens of top quality porn content and a variety of 3DX games and animations. There is new content every month too.

Some of my favourite content included Nicole Animation (with VStroker Hero), Nicole 3D, and Katie 3D. I particularly liked these because they were created by the team that produced BoneTown and BoneCraft, two of my all-time favourite adult games. In addition there is a VStroker enabled version of Girlfriends4Ever that you can buy from the store on the VStroker website.

If you like what you see in the memberís area and you use a lot of it, then join up as a member. If you only like one or two things then you can always buy them outright from the store as most of the content is also available here.

There are 2 types of VStroker games at the moment, the standard interactive virtual sex games where you control the speed of the interaction, and then thereís Hero (and Hero 2) where you are told to go fast, slow or any speed. You need to match the speed to reach the cum level, I doubt youíll make it that far without blowing your load, but who knows.

The VStroker is definitely worth buying, and if you havenít experienced the Fleshlight then the VStroker kit is a must because the Fleshlight is like gliding into a tight warm pussy and can be used with or without the VStroker unit.

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3D Nicole playing with her pussy in VStroker Hero VStroker 3D Nicole ready for your dick VStroker 3D Nicole riding your cock VStroker 3D Nicole riding your cock reverse cowgirl
3D Nicole takes your cock in her ass VStroker 3D Nicole ready sucks cock VStroker enabled Girlfriends4Ever adult game Girlfriends4Ever babe stroking cock in VStroker enabled adult game
3D Katie sucks your cock at your speed using your VStroker 3D Nicole takes your cock in her ass at your speed using your VStroker 2 girls sucking fucking machine cock controlled by VStroker fucking machine video controlled by VStroker
Readhead sucking cock controlled by VStroker VStroker and Fleshlight Vortex kit VStroker Hero 2 adult game VStroker unit and wireless receiver