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XstoryPlayer 3D sex game review

XStoryPlayer Review

Xmoon Productions is an adult games company, and XStoryPlayer is the first of their games. It is an interactive virtual sex adventure game that dares to step beyond norm. XStoryPlayer adds a level of interest that will stretch both you mind; and possibly your attention span with tasks that have to be performed. Fear not however, because there is a …

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Virtual Hottie 2 3d sex game review

Virtual Hottie 2 Review

When you start the Virtual Hottie 2 sex game you can choose between full screen or windowed gameplay; I like it when you can do this as you can see the virtual sex game in all of it’s glory. Once the Virtual Hottie 2 adult game is loaded you will have to enter your membership unlock code; the screen is quite …

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Somavision Review

I first reviewed Somavision in February 2008 and was impressed then; but thanks to the addition of two major 3D adult games I have reviewed it again. I believe that the latest Somavision membership now represents great value for money. On logging onto the Somavision website you will be shown the section of what is new; a good place to start for obvious reasons. The …

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Pink Visual Sex Simulator review

Pink Visual Sex Simulator Review

Pink Visual Sex Simulator is a free adult game from Pink Visual Games. It is a branded version of 3D Sex Villa 2 and it is available as a free download. Pink Visual already has a number of cool adult sites to join; including porn on your PC, iPhone or iPad. The Pink Visual Sex Simulator adds adult gaming to their portfolio. Whilst …

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Somadoll review

Somadoll Review

When you join Somadoll, you can log in to the members area where you have a choice of games, images and videos. There is a good selection and it offers reasonable value for money, with three day trial memberships being the shortest period. Casting Couch The casting couch is a standalone executable adult sex game which you will be able …

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Digamour review

Digamour Review

Digamour is another creation from from the Somavision Corporation and is a virtual 3D Adult sex game which enables you to tour the city and have explicit encounters with several partners in different locations. On starting the game you will be able to go full screen or windowed so the choice is yours. I always opt for full screen in order …

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Nemo’s Whores Review

Nemo’s Whores shares the same atmospheric style of music as Velvet Express; also you have to walk around exploring in order to have sex with your whores! When you first start the Nemo’s Whores adult game you will be presented with the bridge on the Nautilus. The graphics are excellent and sharks swim around whilst you decide what to select from the displayed …

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Pink Tropics review

Pink Tropics Review

Pink Tropics is a new adult sex game from the Somavision Corporation. It is a virtual 3D adult sex game which enables you to get naughty with ten different virtual girls; including the porn star Ashlynn Brooke who one of the virtual babes has been created from. The story for the Pink Tropics adult game is set somewhere in the South …

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Grand Cutie Anal review

Grand Cutie Anal 3D Review

Grand Cutie Anal 3D has been much improved. It has ditched the fairly flaky web viewer that it used when it was Cutie 3D because it was temperamental. It now is available as a download to play on your PC; however it still connects to the internet to check your login details. A save option has been added which is …

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Virtual Encyclopaedia of Sex Review

The Virtual Encyclopaedia of sex is a combined effort from both Artmunk (The Velvet Express and Love Chess: Age of the Empires) and Play Girl. The Virtual Encyclopaedia of sex is a sex education tool. It uses state of the art 3D gaming techniques and animations to create something that is both both an adult game and an instructional sex guide. The …

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