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3d Girlz Review

3D Girlz Review

3D Girlz virtual sex game can be set up to run full screen or windowed. I like this as you get to see all the 3D virtual sex if glorious in your face detail!

The 3D Girlz adult game will take a few moments to load; next you will have to enter your membership unlock code. The screen is quite plain and gives no hint of the marvels that lie beyond, but wow do you have a surprise in store for you.

The login screen is nicely laid out with some options and the ability to acquaint yourself with how to use 3D Girlz .

Once past the login screen you will see is a beautiful 3D virtual woman and an number of options. Take your time to play with the options on this screen. You can get to see your girls naked, or dressed in a number of sexy outfits; these include schoolgirl, nurse and a range of sexy lingerie items.

The interface is easy to get used to. Simply click on items to toggle through the choices one at a time; and you will see the effect on your 3D participant. When you click on your girl, her breasts bounce so you can see what they can do in the game itself.

You can choose from a number of scenarios for your sex, single girl, guy and girl, girl and girl or threesome; in addition to this you can choose from four locations. Even from the options screen you will be astounded by the quality graphics and how sexy the models are.

You can click the rotate button to rotate your model to see what they look like at any position; click it again and the model will stop.

A hint, click on the Hottie 1 button and it will switch to Hottie 2. This allows you to define the look for both models in the scenario, male or female. I promise you, by the time you have finished playing on this screen you will be warming up; however, don’t get excited too quickly as there is loads to come.

Moving round the scene is a dream. Right click and hold the mouse button whilst moving the mouse to move 360 degrees in any angle; left click the models and see what happens.  You can move the mouse to drive a fine selection of dildos into the girls, or control the speed of blowjobs etc.

You are able to choose from a fantastic array of sexual positions. These include doggy style, cowboy, spooning, blowjob, masturbate, and titty fuck to mention but a few. The available sex positions will depend on the scenario selected.

Once you have selected your position you can turn on the sex toys. Select from a banana, a dildo, a vibrator and a sex machine. You can have fun stuffing your virtual 3D cyber chick with the sex toys; then you can then change the camera angles, so you can get right in on the action.

For full effect play in manual mode. You can then participate in things like pussy rubbing and ass slapping also change the speed if you want to up the tempo.

The sound is great with realistic moaning and environmental sound effects (e.g. birds in the forest scene). Also there is on screen help which can be turned on or off and is ideal if you want a few hints. There is also the ability to save your scene as pictures which you can build up into a gallery of your own.

Take the time to familiarise yourself with the virtual 3D world and you will not be disappointed. Try all the options and you will soon be building up the tension so you can make your models cum.

On occasions throughout the game there is a bit of collision damage; however, this is no worse than most of the 3D adult sex games around and is in fact better than many. It does not detract from the quality of the sex game or how much enjoyment you will get by playing it.

If you are looking for a top quality virtual sex game you will find 3D Girlz hard to beat! The great sound quality, stunning 3D graphics and sheer range of configurable options make 3D Girlz a real winner.

But if the fantastic 3D Girlz adult game is not enough your membership will also bring you access to downloadable full-length exclusive DVD quality XXX movies which are updated weekly. There are also an increasing number of sections including 3D toons and there will soon be a bonus games section as well.

Take a Look at 3D Girlz

3D Girlz virtual sex game can be set up to run full screen or windowed. I like this as you get to see all the 3D virtual sex if glorious in your face detail! The 3D Girlz adult game will take a few moments to load; next you will have to enter your membership…

Review Overview

Graphics - 95%
Value for money - 90%
Replay Value - 95%


A quality 3D Virtual Sex Game

3D Girlz has long been a fantastic 3D virtual sex game. The graphics and game quality are still as good as they were before.

User Rating: 2.77 ( 3 votes)

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