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3DXChat Vehicles

3DXChat Vehicles

3DXChat vehicles are an innovative addition to the 3DXChat MMOVSG; It may not be planes, trains and automobiles, but there is a plane, some sports cars a boat and a motorbike.  You can now create a setting for your very own variation of Fast and Furious!

In my opinion 3DXChat is without a doubt the best adult MMO that is around at the moment. Over the three years plus that I have been a member I have seen some amazing changes.  One very innovative improvement was the Virtual World Editor; you can make a complete virtual world that you can play in with your own characters or invite others to join you.  The 3DXChat vehicles just add to the plethora of things that can be included within it.

You may have to play with the virtual world editor for a little while to get used to it, but it is highly configurable; soon you will have a completely unique virtual world that is exactly as you want it.  The addition of vehicles to 3DXChat was a really cool idea; you can have them anywhere. Also, thanks to the new manual transform window, you’ll be able to scale them to any size and easily position them.

In addition you will be able to add mood lighting to any part of your virtual world; using scalable lighting you can choose your colour and intensity and brighten any scene.  Your new planes, cars and motorbikes will look really cool when lit up at night. Also why not add some lighting for a romantic setting in the pool or on the beach; perfect for some incredible virtual sex.

There are plenty of materials to use to truly customise your private virtual world too; these are available to lay on walls, floors or the ground.  Materials include things like sand, concrete, rock or even lava!

The flexibility available to you in 3DXChat is incredible; I truly don’t know of any others at this point in time that match it’s capabilities.  As an environment for incredible virtual sex or even just for socialising with other adults in a virtual world, 3DXChat takes some beating.  You can play in your own virtual world in single player mode with your own characters, or in multiplayer mode with others.

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