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BoneTown Review

BoneTown Review

It is with great regret that I have to stop playing the BoneTown adult sex game to write the BoneTown review; but the time has come and I have many things to do. I have been playing BoneTown now for two days solid (at least 8 hours each day) and with these two days behind me I can, in my humble opinion, say that it is quite simply the best adult sex game I have had the pleasure of reviewing up until now.

From the very start of the game you can see the quality; leave the opening screen and you will watch people wandering around Bone Town through different times of the day whilst some great rap music plays in the background.

But the quality of the excellent graphics, the great soundtracks, the erotic sex talk, the background noises and so much more are nothing when compared to the fantastic, advanced and absorbing gameplay.

It takes a little bit of getting used to because unlike most the adult sex games around it is also a video game. It’s a sort of fusion between Leisure Suit Larry and street fighter; but with what seems like an endless amount of scenarios and locations to explore.

In BoneTown the size of your balls is everything, the bigger your balls the more hot chicks you get to fuck. You do however start off by being fucked by a hot babe on the beach who lets your tiny balls slide for the moment.

In this review I will cover the basics and tell you some things that I have discovered that seem to help me; but there is way too much to this fantastic adult game to cover it all. Read more about BoneTown on the website (or buy the game) by clicking here.

Where to start, well, the object is to make your balls bigger in order to fuck the hot, slim and pretty girls; with tiny balls you can only fuck fat girls! If you like fat girls then this will be a real treat; you don’t have to fuck the slim ones if you don’t want to. If you don’t like fat girls well no choice to start, but it is all still very erotic and you get to Jizz bucket loads!

The more you fuck the bigger your balls get, the bigger they get the more slim and pretty girls you get. However, if your balls are not big enough then you will get the pretty girls but not satisfy them. A point to note is that during sex you will need to match your speed and power (blue lines) with that of your girl (pink lines); if you don’t match her then her levels will start to wane and she won’t orgasm. Also click the left mouse button to slap her ass and really get her juices flowing!

In order to increase the maximum size that your balls can get you will need to complete missions. The missions are not easy they involve you keeping your balls big and your fighting energy high.

If you need your drugs to perform better in a fight during the missions then use them, because if you lose your energy then you fail the mission and have to start again from your last saved game (you cannot save games during a mission) and a mission could take an hour (depending on your skill).

If your fighting energy is running low, find a fat girl and get a blowjob as this will build it back up. Your balls could be shrinking, if they are, boost them up by fucking girls; fat ones are easier, and may be your only option depending on where you are in the game.

There are prostitutes that you can pay so build your cash up. You get cash (and drugs and other weapons) by fighting people and beating them. Once you beat them you can steal their identity, make a note of their ball size and energy as you approach their unconscious body; if they are better than you (or you are naked) press Q and you will become them.

Once you find a weapon, could be a bible, leg, skillet, crowbar, baseball bat etc fighting becomes easier. You can only have one weapon so pick the one that shows the highest value when you walk up to it.

When you knock your opponent down try to keep them down; beat them up again as they are getting up as it seems to catch the weaker ones unaware. The goal is to beat them up and grab the stuff that they drop without expending too much energy.

I would suggest building your relevant reserves up after fighting then saving the game. Explore your environment too, you will find entertainment tickets, 25 of them laying around in all manner of places. Pick up everything.

Drugs and alcohol help you in different ways in a fight so get as many free bits as you can; you will need them with stronger opponents. In BoneTown watch out for the agents as they will fuck you up big time; they appear on occasion when you have had sex. Agents can be beaten, but the bigger your balls and weapons the better.

Have a good look around too because BoneTown is not all you have to explore and perform missions on. There are many other neighbourhoods but I am not going to spoil it for you by telling you where they are (even I haven’t found them all yet).

In addition to the absolutely incredible BoneTown adult game the main menu offers you an option called Fantasy, in here is a hotel where you can fuck lots of pretty girls and get some fantastic blowjobs.

There is nothing negative that I can really say about BoneTown. The only thing which I felt would be useful is a pause key because if you are in the middle of a fight (possibly during a mission) and the phone rings (or the doorbell) then you will have to decide whether to play it out and ignore the interruption or get it and fail the mission (or fight). This is not a huge issue most of the time but would be a worthwhile addition I think.

Whatever your tastes in adult games I am sure that you will love BoneTown. It is sexy, violent, funny, exciting, absorbing and addictive with absolutely oodles of entertainment value!

The BoneTown adult sex game is a must, I believe that it is the best 3D adult sex game available to buy at the moment. if I had to buy just one 3D adult game then BoneTown would be the one that I would spend my money on.

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It is with great regret that I have to stop playing the BoneTown adult sex game to write the BoneTown review; but the time has come and I have many things to do. I have been playing BoneTown now for two days solid (at least 8 hours each day) and…

BoneTown Review Overview


The Most Awesome Adult Game Ever

Bonetown is the best adult game I have ever played. It is old school in style, and modern in content. It is outrageous, politically incorrect and you can fuck, fight, drink and take drugs. It is addictive and enjoyable.

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