Thursday , April 25 2019
  • 3DXChat Vehicles

    3DXChat Vehicles

    3DXChat vehicles are an innovative addition to the 3DXChat MMOVSG; It may not be planes, trains and …

  • 3D SexVilla 2.5 HD

    3D SexVilla 2.5 HD

    3D SexVilla 2.5 HD brings changes to the frankly already awesome graphics.  If you are not familiar …

  • 3DXChat Review

    3DXChat Review

    3DXChat is the latest virtual sex game from the creators of Nemo’s Whores and Juliette Sex Session; …

  • Life Selector Review

    Life Selector Review

    I have always thought that no other virtual sex game would be as good as VirtualFem, but Life Select…

  • BoneTown Review

    BoneTown Review

    It is with great regret that I have to stop playing the BoneTown adult sex game to write the BoneTow…

  • BoneCraft Review

    BoneCraft Review

    Once again I find myself non-stop gaming for two days to bring you the BoneCraft review; it’s …

  • Juliet Sex Session review

    Juliet Sex Session Review

    Juliet Sex Session is a free sex game.  It is a simple, yet erotic 3d sex game; perfect for anybody …

  • Lessons of Passion Gold review

    Lessons of Passion Gold Review

    Lessons of Passion Gold is a  growing collection of top quality adult Flash games. You will need to …

  • 3d Girlz Review

    3D Girlz Review

    3D Girlz virtual sex game can be set up to run full screen or windowed. I like this as you get to se…

  • 3D SexVilla 2 Review

    3D SexVilla 2 Review

    When you start 3D SexVilla 2 you will see the login screen; enter your username and password. To pla…

  • 3D Kink Review

    3D Kink Review

    3D kink is for lovers of 3D sex games and kinky sex; it comes from Kink, one of the most established…

  • VirtuaGirl Review

    VirtuaGirl Review

    WOW! When you sign up to VirtuaGirl HD I promise you won’t be disappointed. The first thing that is …

  • DeskBabes Review

    DeskBabes Review

    DeskBabes is the next game to be produced by the creators of VirtuaGirl a virtual stripper game that…

  • POV House Review

    POV House Review

    POV House is a new virtual sex game and shares similarities with other POV sex simulators like Virtu…

  • 3D GayVilla 2 Review

    3D GayVilla 2 Review

    Upon starting the 3D GayVilla 2 gay adult game you will be prompted for your username and password. …

  • Christies Room

    Christies Room Review

    Christies room is a cornucopia of original high quality 3D erotic graphics, hardcore adult flash gam…

  • Hentai 3D 2 Review

    Hentai 3D 2 Review

    Upon starting the Hentai 3D 2 adult game you will be prompted for your username and password in orde…

  • XstoryPlayer 3D sex game review

    XStoryPlayer Review

    Xmoon Productions is an adult games company, and XStoryPlayer is the first of their games. It is an …

  • Virtual Hottie 2 3d sex game review

    Virtual Hottie 2 Review

    When you start the Virtual Hottie 2 sex game you can choose between full screen or windowed gameplay…

  • Somavision Review

    I first reviewed Somavision in February 2008 and was impressed then; but thanks to the addition of t…

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Virtualfem review

VirtualFem Review

If you are looking for what in my opinion is the best interactive virtual sex game on the planet then look no further than VirtualFem. This is the most enjoyable virtual sex experience you will have and is extremely good value for money. VirtualFem is, in the words if Shrek, like an onion, it has layers! There is so much …

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VStroker review

VStroker Review

VStroker is a fabulous little piece of tech that is an advanced virtual sex system. It has been designed to fit on a standard Fleshlight exceptions to this are the Blade, Sword and the Sex in a Can. Its purpose to immerse you into any VStroker enabled adult game allowing you to experience sex with the 3D models. It is not …

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VStroker Games Review

VStroker games come in a variety of styles. These include interactive porn, mainstream adult games and virtual sex games. In addition there are 3DX games written specifically for the VStroker by some of the top sex game developers. With the growing popularity of adult games and MMOVSG, plus with the latest innovations in virtual sex; it is no wonder that the VStroker is …

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3D Stripper Review

3D Stripper Review

On starting the 3D Stripper virtual stripper game you will be confronted with a beautiful school uniform clad 3D stripper on the stage of a high class strip joint. The graphics are impressive, not just the beautiful girl, but also the surroundings. It will start in full screen mode, but hit the key and you will get the graphics card …

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Sexy Belote Review

Sexy Belote review

The Sexy Belote game is an interesting and unusual game of strip Belote from UPlay-IStrip. Like the other games (Strip Poker, Strip 4, Sexy Chess and Strip Sudoku), it is a well finished game . It combines the fun of game playing with the joy of watching beautiful women getting themselves naked. Sexy Belote is based on the French game Belote, …

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Sexy Chess Review

Sexy Chess Review

Sexy Chess adds to the unusual diversity of strip games available from UPlay-IStrip. This is fairly unique and as with their Strip Sudoku adult game is not one which you would have thought would have been created. There is however a nice twist to the Sexy Chess game in that once you have beaten your opponent and seen her naked you can choose to …

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Strip 4 Review

Strip 4 Review

Strip 4 is a simple game which is based on the rules of Connect 4. Like the other games from UPlay-IStrip (Strip Poker, Sexy Belote, Sexy Chess and Strip Sudoku) the idea is to get the hot honeys naked by winning the game. Strip 4 adult game doesn’t take any time at all to learn. In the unlikely event that …

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Strip Poker XXX Review

Strip Poker XXX Review

Strip Poker XXX is a strip version of Texas hold’em.  You compete with other players in real time alongside virtual female players who you will try to get to strip. Whether or not you like this game will depend mainly on what you want from it. If you like Texas hold’em and like competing against other players in real time, and …

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Strip Poker Review

Strip Poker Review

The Strip Poker game from UPlay-IStrip is a very polished and graphically pleasing game which combines the fun of poker with the joy of watching beautiful women (mainly European) stripping themselves naked.  Strip Poker is the most popular of the UPlay-IStrip games of which there are currently five. The game is a standard game of Texas Hold’em poker, and if …

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Strip Sudoku Review

Strip Sudoku Review

Strip Sudoku is a very unusual choice of game to have as a strip game; but who am I to decide, what works for one doesn’t work for others. The Strip Sudoku adult game just seems an unlikely choice as you don’t actually have opponents; it does however work better than you would think. If you like brain training games and …

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Strip Kittens Review

Strip Kittens 2.0 Review

Let’s start off by saying Woooww!! If you ever looked at the Strip Kittens adult game in the past then forget everything that you ever saw because the Strip Kittens v2 Strip Joint just rocks! I cannot fault Strip Kittens v2 for what is there, because it is in my humble opinion a perfect execution of the adult strip game …

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Active Dolls

ActiveDolls Review

When you start the ActiveDolls virtual 3D sex game you will see that it is a full screen adult game which means plenty of in your face action! The opening screen is appealing, showing the sort of quality of graphics you can expect. There are five sections accessible from the main screen, these are models, dressing room, session, album and …

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3D Bad Girls Review

3D Bad Girls Review

More Information When you login to 3D Bad Girls you will see a number of sections that are a good place to start. These are the what’s new, top rated and most visited sections. Take a look at these sections before you delve further as it will give you a great start point. 3D Girls The 3D girls section has a large …

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Anime Games Review

Anime Games Review

Anime games offers you over 30 GB of adult game downloads and online playable adult games. The games cover several categories so giving you lots of choice whatever type of anime game you are after. Many of the games are in Japanese so you won’t be able to read them; however a picture paints a thousand words they say and they …

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Erotic Comix Review

Erotic Comix Review

Erotic Comix is the perfect site for lovers of the adult comic books. It has a huge and diverse selection of adult comics including many exclusives. Erotic comix is broken down into 3 basic areas, past issues, exclusive comics and flash comics. In addition to this there are a number of bonus materials, however some of these would require payment …

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