Thursday , April 25 2019
  • 3DXChat Vehicles

    3DXChat Vehicles

    3DXChat vehicles are an innovative addition to the 3DXChat MMOVSG; It may not be planes, trains and …

  • 3D SexVilla 2.5 HD

    3D SexVilla 2.5 HD

    3D SexVilla 2.5 HD brings changes to the frankly already awesome graphics.  If you are not familiar …

  • 3DXChat Review

    3DXChat Review

    3DXChat is the latest virtual sex game from the creators of Nemo’s Whores and Juliette Sex Session; …

  • Life Selector Review

    Life Selector Review

    I have always thought that no other virtual sex game would be as good as VirtualFem, but Life Select…

  • BoneTown Review

    BoneTown Review

    It is with great regret that I have to stop playing the BoneTown adult sex game to write the BoneTow…

  • BoneCraft Review

    BoneCraft Review

    Once again I find myself non-stop gaming for two days to bring you the BoneCraft review; it’s …

  • Juliet Sex Session review

    Juliet Sex Session Review

    Juliet Sex Session is a free sex game.  It is a simple, yet erotic 3d sex game; perfect for anybody …

  • Lessons of Passion Gold review

    Lessons of Passion Gold Review

    Lessons of Passion Gold is a  growing collection of top quality adult Flash games. You will need to …

  • 3d Girlz Review

    3D Girlz Review

    3D Girlz virtual sex game can be set up to run full screen or windowed. I like this as you get to se…

  • 3D SexVilla 2 Review

    3D SexVilla 2 Review

    When you start 3D SexVilla 2 you will see the login screen; enter your username and password. To pla…

  • 3D Kink Review

    3D Kink Review

    3D kink is for lovers of 3D sex games and kinky sex; it comes from Kink, one of the most established…

  • VirtuaGirl Review

    VirtuaGirl Review

    WOW! When you sign up to VirtuaGirl HD I promise you won’t be disappointed. The first thing that is …

  • DeskBabes Review

    DeskBabes Review

    DeskBabes is the next game to be produced by the creators of VirtuaGirl a virtual stripper game that…

  • POV House Review

    POV House Review

    POV House is a new virtual sex game and shares similarities with other POV sex simulators like Virtu…

  • 3D GayVilla 2 Review

    3D GayVilla 2 Review

    Upon starting the 3D GayVilla 2 gay adult game you will be prompted for your username and password. …

  • Christies Room

    Christies Room Review

    Christies room is a cornucopia of original high quality 3D erotic graphics, hardcore adult flash gam…

  • Hentai 3D 2 Review

    Hentai 3D 2 Review

    Upon starting the Hentai 3D 2 adult game you will be prompted for your username and password in orde…

  • XstoryPlayer 3D sex game review

    XStoryPlayer Review

    Xmoon Productions is an adult games company, and XStoryPlayer is the first of their games. It is an …

  • Virtual Hottie 2 3d sex game review

    Virtual Hottie 2 Review

    When you start the Virtual Hottie 2 sex game you can choose between full screen or windowed gameplay…

  • Somavision Review

    I first reviewed Somavision in February 2008 and was impressed then; but thanks to the addition of t…

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3D Girlfriends Review

3D Girlfriends Review

3D Girlfriends is a site aimed at giving you the experience of virtual girlfriends. It does this using 3D graphics including adult images, movies and adult comics. You can store favourites on the home page and you will be shown your most visited areas of the site too. 3D Pin-ups The 3D pin-ups section consists solely of high quality 3D adult images of …

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Anal Masters Review

Anal Masters Review

Anal Masters is an adult game, and at Adult Sex Game Reviews I review all the top adult games. Also I give you honest opinions upon the quality of the adult game that you are contemplating buying. There are many different types of game from the unbeatable adult adventure game BoneTown, the fantastic 3D virtual sex game 3D Sex Villa and …

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Hentai Flash Review

Hentai Flash Review

Hentai Flash is a cool hentai website that shares some of it’s content with other hentai sites in the same group but some is unique. Hentai Flash is divided into categories and then further subdivided which makes locating your particular fetish an easy job. The home page of Hentai Flash shows you an overview of what’s new; also you get top rated content which could be hentai images hentai …

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Princess Waltz review

Princess Waltz Review

After reviewing some of the other hentai and bishoujo games Princess Waltz came as a little of a disappointment for me. This is not because it is a bad game, but it doesn’t match what I would be looking for from a hentai sex game. The quality, graphics and sound of the game are all very good; in fact the …

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3D Adult Comics Review

3D Adult Comics Review

When beginning to look at a site like 3D Adult Comics after you have joined it can seem daunting; there’s much content it is difficult to know where to start. The best way is to start with the categories menu and take a brief look at everything on offer. Each item within the site is rated by the members so it gives …

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Erotic Anime Review

Erotic Anime Review

Erotic Anime has been around since 1996. This huge collection consists of erotic art for anime, manga, hentai, comic, gay hentai, boy love etc.  Erotic Anime also includes full length hentai movies, hentai games, adult flash cartoons and much more. Cartoon Galleries Cartoon galleries includes literally tens of thousands of pictures in thousands of galleries. The galleries are split into a number of different …

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Flash for Adults review

Flash for Adults Review

Flash for adults will provide you with a range of adult flash games, animations, stories and pictures. The adult content is spread across several categories, some are better than others, but there is enough content to keep you amused. I prefer adult games that are more advanced such as 3D Girlz or 3D SexVilla 2; however adult flash games are loved many …

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Gibo Stepmother's Sin

Gibo Stepmother’s Sin Review

Gibo Stepmother’s Sin is an adult bishoujo game with similar undertones to the adult hentai game Hitomi My Stepsister.  To play, you will need to be connected to the internet whilst your registration is validated; once validated however you will be able to disconnect. Gibo Stepmother’s Sin shares a familiar interface with other adult hentai games so will not need much explanation. However, as an overview Q …

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Hentai Dreams review

Hentai Dreams Review

Hentai Dreams is a cornucopia of everything Hentai and covers for most tastes of adult hentai, manga and Japanese porn. There are thousands upon thousands of images and comics across hundreds of galleries.  Also there are hundreds of full length hentai movies, adult flash animations, stories and more besides. The hentai movies, galleries and comics are all able to be downloaded if …

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Hentai Place Review

Hentai Place Review

Hentai Place membership gives you masses of hentai of all types. You get full length hentai movies plus uncensored hentai and manga images; also there are adult comics, XXX toons, adult hentai games,  monthly e-zines and exclusive content. Hentai lovers will definitely enjoy the content here as some is pretty hardcore; however quite a few galleries contain images with the familiar Japanese pixelation to censor pussies and cocks. …

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Hitomi my Stepsister Review

Hitomi My Stepsister Review

To play Hitomi my Stepsister you will need to be connected to the internet to validate your registration; once the game starts however you can disconnect. On the game’s main screen you get five options. New game and Quit need no explanation and Continue allows you to start the game from a save point. Extra offers you the ability to enjoy CGs, erotic scenes and music from …

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Lightning Warrior Raidy review

Lightning Warrior Raidy Review

Lightning Warrior Raidy is a cross between a hentai sex game and a traditional RPG.  It seems to be trying to be everything to both genres; however, the result is that it doesn’t seem to achieve perfection in either. Die hard RPG players looking for features found in high end dungeon crawler games will be scathing of the lack of imagination that …

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The Sagara Family Review

The Sagara Family Review

The Sagara Family is a traditional Japanese adult hentai game. These are quite different to traditional adult games so may require a little practice at first; however, stick with it because they are fun to play, amusing and surprisingly sexy. Bishoujo games, or dating sims as this type is also called are very in depth and absorbing. From the main screen of the Sagara …

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DaeRing review

DareRing review

DareRing is essentially a free sex game but it also has a paid membership site.  Here you are able to download hours of top quality sex video of entire games of DareRing being played. Before you sign up to DareRing just visit the site and check out the rules. If you are open mind with mixed sex, like minded friends then your Friday night could be sorted! Are you are …

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Love Chess Review

Love Chess Age of Egypt Review

Love Chess Age Of Egypt is a sex chess game and it is truly quite awesome. The graphics are excellent and thought has been given to every aspect of this game. Love Chess Age Of Egypt is nothing short of perfection. I’ll start with the board choices, they are quite simply stunning. You can choose between the Pharaohs Tomb and …

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