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Secret Desires Review

Secret Desires Review

Secret Desires is a straight forward and exciting sex game for heterosexual couples. It enables you to win money to use in the game; also to fulfil as many sexual fantasies as you are both willing to participate in. If you want to add a bit of a spark into your sex life then read on.

On launching the Secret Desires sex game you will be confronted with the main start screen;  now you can configure a number of things before you actually play. It also allows you to redeem after game gifts and view statistics and help. Also, if you are a couple with children then you can set a child lock to password protect the Secret Desires sex game.

The best way to get started is to configure your players; there are literally dozens of choices across five categories. Starting with the female player enter the name and the clothes they are wearing; this also includes uniforms such as nurse, maid, devil etc. You can also say how this player feels about nakedness, theirs and their partners; therefore catering for the more timid adult sex gamers amongst you.

Body and intimacy choices allow you to set various options; game speed, how kinky and daring you want it and whether you want to use alcohol.  Also you can specify oral and anal sex preferences, what type of sex you like and what are your favourite body parts.

The remaining categories deal with your fetishes and secret desires.  Also what toys you want to use on your opponent and toys you would like used on you; both  include sex toys and non sex toys.

Take your time setting up the players likes and dislikes, these determine the fantasies and activities that you can perform. Next set up the game choices; these are mainly configurations such as choice of pictures etc so can be left as default if you prefer.

Once configured you are ready to play the game by selecting “Play” from the start screen; this is where the fun really starts! The screen is uncluttered, but with everything you need to know about the current sex game. This includes how much money each player has, and various other adult game statistics.

Each player gets to go in turn. The sex game highlights which player’s turn it is and then you just click the big button that says “Click to Begin”. When you click, another window will open with a dice on it. Click the dice and when it stops rolling you will be given a number of sexy activities to choose from.  The number of sex activities you get will correspond directly to the number you rolled on the dice.

The type of sex activities you will be offered will vary depending on the player options you set up. I set up all the options to offer the greater variety when reviewing the secret desires sex game; however in reality you will set them for any sex toys or adult DVD etc that you have and wish to use as part of the game.

Activities will give you a hint of what you can look forward to together if you continue; for example “This activity features nibbling, licking or sucking, Adam’s penis, Adam’s balls and will be performed for 3 minutes …”. Of course the name displayed will be the name of your players, not Adam. Adam and Eve are the defaults.

Once you select the activity group the fun begins! You will get a selection of different activities to be performed on each partner; if these don’t start to get your sex life fast tracked then you may need counseling!

You don’t have to perform the activity if you do not want to; options include rate or escape, these are Fantastic, Great, Okay, Not Bad and No Thanks.  In addition there is a timer to run for any timed sex activities; just in case you get carried away (if you are getting carried away, forget the timer and enjoy)!

Once all the sex tasks, activities and sex challenges are performed or ignored you will be returned to the shopping mall. Here you can Buy or sell your clothes, buy predicaments, buy sex favours, cancel your own predicaments, buy after game gifts or pay to strip your partner. All this is done using the money made in the game, so be brave!

When you are done in the mall, close the window and you will be awarded money for completing the round; then it is on to the next players go and the fun continues. Basically you play until you have both had enough (fun and orgasms) or you have just run out of time to play the Secret Desires sex game.

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Secret Desires is a straight forward and exciting sex game for heterosexual couples. It enables you to win money to use in the game; also to fulfil as many sexual fantasies as you are both willing to participate in. If you want to add a bit of a spark into your sex…

Secret Desires Review Overview

Graphics - 80%
Value for Money - 90%
Replay Value - 100%


Improve your sex life with your partner

The Secret Desires sex game is for all heterosexual couples, open minded, shy, or those want to re-introduce some excitement into your sex life. If you enjoy sex and like excitement then the Secret Desires sex game is one purchase that will not regret.

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