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Somadoll review

Somadoll Review

When you join Somadoll, you can log in to the members area where you have a choice of games, images and videos. There is a good selection and it offers reasonable value for money, with three day trial memberships being the shortest period.

Casting Couch

The casting couch is a standalone executable adult sex game which you will be able to keep when your membership runs out if you choose not to renew. Each month you will get a different Somadoll to play with.

After downloading the game I started it up and was confronted with this month’s girl on the couch. She was clothed and you have to warm her up by playing with her tits and removing her panties.

She says things like “I can’t wait to get my panties off” and does a lot of groaning as you play with her. You have to warm her up to gain access to all of her lady bits ass, pussy, tits and mouth in order that you can put a selection of dildos in her, or use the hands to play with her and finger her.

You have the option to turn the sound on or off and to make her boobs wobble. A nice touch is the ability to go full screen so that you can see her in all her glory at a large size.

The graphics are good and it is quite erotic as you use the toys on her. You will have to work at it, and eventually you will build up the points so that more options are enabled so that you can opt for a female or male cum. This is a surprisingly addictive game.

Strip O Matic

Next I moved on to on to the Strip O Matic this is also a standalone executable virtual 3D adult sex game that you get to keep. It is fairly basic, but the graphics are good. It is not difficult to get the Somadoll naked as you just have to fire the ray gun at her in all the right places.

First off you have to select the outfit you want her to wear (so you can remove it) you have 5 to choose from, hey try them all. After selecting an outfit the main screen is shown from here you have the option to make this a full screen game if you want to so the girls can be seen in all there 3D glory. You can also put the game into silent mode if you don’t want people to hear the groaning coming from your computer room!

Once at the main screen you can choose the pose she uses out of a choice of three, then as you fire the ray gun at her which removes her clothes and she says things like “where am I going to find another outfit like that” or “should I take off my panties”. I soon was looking at a nice little pussy and seconds later had her fully nude. Once naked she rotates allowing you to see the whole of her fabulous little 3D virtual body.

Strip O Matic is entertaining enough if you want to see your girl naked as soon as possible. The only downside to this is that it is not really a challenging sex game. However it is good, especially if you are short of time and need to get her naked quickly!

Soma Slots

Soma Slots are comprised of two shockwave games which you play online, Black Jack and Poker. You get to choose the girl (out of five) that you want to be your dealer and then play the game.

I liked these games a lot and I did manage to get my dealer to take her top off, but there is more to it than this and whilst I didn’t get as far as I could I found these games extremely absorbing and definitely a worthwhile addition to the Somadoll membership.

Both games added value to the sex games section and were a great diversion from the casting couch and Strip Matic. If you like gambling but don’t want to lose real money, then what better way to go than to play the games with virtual cash rather than your own.

Soma Arcade

Like the Soma Slots the Soma Arcade games offered a break from the other more adult games. Whilst I enjoyed both of the two shockwave games on offer I did not think that they were as good as the Soma Slots. They are however a good way to pass a few minutes if you have some time to spare and enjoy arcade games. The two shockwave games you get to play are Soma Defender and Breakoff.

Soma Defender is a bit like space invaders but you control a naked girl moving along the bottom of the screen in order to shoot the invaders. Breakoff is similar to the game Break out, you have to destroy the wall (a bit like video tennis from yesteryear) to expose the girl behind it.

The games were entertaining enough but I would have to be in the right mood to want to play them for long. Still, if you like arcade games then they may be for you.

Screen Test

Screen test is basically a great opportunity for you to go behind the scenes of Somadoll and see what goes on in order to make the games. Essentially these are a selection of videos of the girls behind the dolls.

There is a good collection of different ones, I liked the Brittany screen test where she says some great stuff such as “I want you cock to go in my mouth” and then proceeds to be fucked by a glass dildo. This is a fantastic excuse to see some real pretty girls naked and being played with. One of the things that come to mind whilst you are watching them is that some guys really do get all the best jobs!


The Superfolds are basically top quality 3D centrefold images of the Somadolls in all their nude glory. These are large high res images of girls or girls and guys together with absolutely loads to choose from.

The quality of these images is extremely good, and you have around ten different girls to choose from so you won’t be disappointed. The collection includes things like fucking and blowjobs as well as solo girls.


These are awesome, there are a great collection of video clips of the 3D Somagirls and Somaguys, some are even full screen high resolution! The quality of the graphics is superb and with clips like “Lauren titty fuck” and Doria doggy style” you are sure to notice a tightening of the pants area all too soon!

I would recommend the Somapass for a truly fantastic deal on the Soma 3D interactive virtual sex sites as this gives you access to Somavision, Somadoll and 3D Playthings offering you a good saving on the combined membership.

Try Somadoll For Yourself

When you join Somadoll, you can log in to the members area where you have a choice of games, images and videos. There is a good selection and it offers reasonable value for money, with three day trial memberships being the shortest period. Casting Couch The casting couch is a…

Somadoll Review Overview

Graphics - 75%
Value for money - 85%
Replay Value - 80%


A good sex game for lovers of Somavision Games

A Somadoll membership is a great way to get a reasonably priced membership to one of the top adult 3D sex sites around. With the great collection of games, images, real video of naked girls and superb 3D virtual sex animations you are almost certain not to be disappointed.

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