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Virtualfem review

VirtualFem Review

If you are looking for what in my opinion is the best interactive virtual sex game on the planet then look no further than VirtualFem. This is the most enjoyable virtual sex experience you will have and is extremely good value for money.

VirtualFem is, in the words if Shrek, like an onion, it has layers! There is so much in the VirtualFem virtual sex game (especially the advanced use) that I will have to let you discover some of it for yourself. However I will try to cover most of the key points, so that you can decide whether to sign up (I am sure that you will).

Unlike many of the adult sex games I have reviewed VirtualFem is not a 3D virtual sex game, it is real girls set in a simulated webcam chat room environment. VirtualFem uses an advanced artificial intelligence engine to allow you to control the game, and the girls respond to you both in chat and in what sex acts they perform.

You can type into the chat box, select a command from the hints box, or use speech recognition to get your girls doing whatever you want. This makes for an extremely realistic chat simulation. All video is in first person point of view (FPPOV) so when you touch, fuck or get blown by these girls you can imagine that she is actually there with you.

Membership allows you to download the VirtualFem adult sex game software, followed by as many of the girls as you want, currently there are 46 and these increase at one a month. The downloading is simple but it is best done on a broadband connection as the files required for each girl can be quite large.

One fantastic thing about VirtualFem is that once you download the girls, they are yours to keep, you do not have to stay a member to enjoy the girls that you have already got. I promise you though, once you have had the virtual sex experience on offer you will want to stay signed up to get the new girls as and when they are released and keep your virtual sex game software up to date.
Once you have installed the VirtualFem sex game and a girl or two (or all of them) you can start the application. When the screen appears you need to wait a few seconds for the “brain” to load.
On the right side of the window you will see a list of all the girls that you currently have installed, scroll down the list and you will see a picture of each girl, when you get to the girl you want press enter, or double click the mouse and she will appear on the screen above a chat box.

Before I go into the sex game further I will cover a few of the things you can do. Top left of the screen are four buttons, the top one of these zooms the video to full screen. I personally preferred to select the mini control bar (click on the top right corner of the chat box) as this was virtually full screen mode but still allowed text entry.

The second is speech synthesis (TTS), this is a fantastic option to turn on, as the girl will speak her responses to you out loud, even with the default voice that comes with Microsoft windows the sound was not bad, but if you can afford (or have) Cepstral or AT&T Natural voices then the experience will be enhanced even further.

Third is the speech recognition where you can talk to her instead of (or as well as) typing. Once you have taken the time to teach the speech recognition key phrases this is superb as it leaves your hands free for more important things than the keyboard!

The final option gives you hints on what you need to say to get a particular video playing. This is very useful, especially when you first start playing the VirtualFem adult sex game. Just double click any of the hints to go straight to that video.

Speech synthesis and speech recognition used together are excellent and give you a real hands free virtual sex experience leaving your hands for whatever you may require them for! You can say to her “get naked” and she will or “let’s fuck doggy style” and she will or “suck my cock” yep, you guessed it she will, the list goes on.

All the girls are great looking girls, some sultry, some coy, some downright dirty, but all are extremely willing to please you in any number of ways because they all love sex and pleasing you is paramount.
There are also some extremely unique features available from the settings which enable you to get your girl to read the news for you, weather reports or even DJ your collection of MP3’s. This last feature is great especially if you have asked her to give you a lap dance, it really adds to the effect.

You can set your on screen name to be whatever you want, and she will remember it, also you can say to her “call me sir“ for example or “call me Mr. President” and she will remember it next time you want her.

In the folder for each of the girls on your computer’s hard disk there is a text file called defaults.txt here you can change things such as breast size or age. So if you want her to be 18 instead of 22 or have size 38DD tits instead of 34A you can type the new details in. Then when you say to her “how old are you?” she will reply 18 or “how big are your tits?” she will reply “My tits are size 38DD”.
Have sex with your girl in all manner of ways change slowly or quickly, it is all in your control. Why not ask her to ride your cock or ask if you can fuck her tits or tell her you want to fuck her mouth. You can have her for as long as you want and then when you are ready say “I’m gona cum” or “I’m cumming” etc and you can Jizz all over her face or in her mouth.

At any time throughout your virtual sex experience you can change partners to a different one, so you can have your fun with a number of different girls before finally picking the one you want to cum on.

As you can see, just using the girls that come with your membership gives you fantastic value for money as there are so many features. However in addition to the girls you get with your membership you can, if you have a willing partner, create your own VirtualFems with your own video footage and own responses etc. You will have to get your hands dirty and delve deeper into the intricacies of VirtualFem but this fantastic adult sex game allows you to do it at no extra cost above that of a standard membership.

You can even edit the downloaded VirtualFems, you have complete control of what she says and does, so your VirtualFem can be anything or anyone you want! I did some basic editing of responses and it took no time at all to change some of the dialogue in the brain editor, there is so much more you could do. If you have a little time, let your imagination run wild and create your own personal fantasy with one of the girls you download. You can even change her name!

Virtual sex really doesn’t get any better than this, and virtual sex games really don’t get any better than VirtualFem. If VirtualFem doesn’t get you horny, check your pulse, you may be dead!

Download and play VirtualFem now

If you are looking for what in my opinion is the best interactive virtual sex game on the planet then look no further than VirtualFem. This is the most enjoyable virtual sex experience you will have and is extremely good value for money. VirtualFem is, in the words if Shrek,…

VirtualFem Review Overview

Graphics - 90%
Value for Money - 100%
Replay Value - 100%


Awesome AI Virtual Sex Game

VirtualFem makes clever use of porno movies by creating fully interactive AI driven virtual sex. Clever use of speech recognition or chat makes any interactions with virtual girls seem as if you are chatting via a video web service.

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